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Thank you for visiting lockstock.net, the virtual home of Lock Stock & Barrel. Our goal for this site is to answer some of the many questions that our customers call us with each and every day. As you look through the following pages, you will find answers to questions ranging from "Where are you located?" to "What is a masterkey?"

Under "About Us," you will find information about our company history, professional staff, and some of the reasons why Lock Stock & Barrel has been Greater Portland's first choice for quality locksmith and security service for nearly three decades. "Contact Us" contains all the various ways in which you can reach us; it also has registration instructions for the brand new distribution list that we use to keep you informed about current security trends.

"Electronic Security" has a quick guide to topics such as proximity card readers, CCTV cameras, and alarm systems. "Keys & Key Systems" provides information about the types of keys we stock and the pros and cons of masterkeying. Under "Lock Hardware," you can find information about many of the most common lock functions and styles. Finally, "Safes" provides clarification about the difference between burglary and fire safes and explains the need for specialized data containers.

We hope that you will find the site informative and check back often for solutions to your security issues. As always, you can still feel free to contact us by phone at (207) 773-2904 or stop to speak with us in person at our storefront--located at 369 Saint John Street in Portland, Maine.

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