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Once upon a time, there was no electrical component to security and access control depended primarily upon who could get keys. This is no longer the case. Most keys can now be duplicated at hardware stores, department stores, and even supermarkets. It is now extremely difficult, though not impossible with a well-designed, well-documented restricted key system, to be sure that only those people that you want to have access can enter your space. Increasingly, the security industry has started to turn toward electronics to achieve genuine access control.

Just as is the case with traditional lock hardware, there is an almost infinite number of options to consider in designing access control. Some systems are relatively simple and operate only on the door on which they are installed. Other systems can control many doors in many locations nationwide. A well-designed access control system can also be integrated into fire alarm, burglar alarm, security camera, and other systems. Many systems also offer options such as telephone entry, badging, time and attendance, and audit trails. Such systems can be designed to grant access on the basis of numerical codes, proximity cards and tags, swipe cards, and even biometrics such as fingerprints, palmprints, and iris scans.

Which of these systems is right for you? We would be happy to help you decide. At Lock Stock & Barrel, we design each access control installation to meet the unique needs of our customers.

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