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At Lock Stock & Barrel, selling lock hardware is never simply a matter of taking a box off the shelf and handing it over to the customer. We work to make sure that, when a customer purchases a lock from us, it is the hardware that they want and need. There are different grades of lock, ranging from residential to heavy duty commercial. There are different functions, ranging from passage to asylum. And then there are different finishes, designed both for appearance and to handle various environmental conditions.

We not only assist you in making the right selection from these various options but also perform an important quality control function as well. New locks are being introduced all the time. They may claim to offer more security, more convenience, or a better appearance. Sometimes these claims are accurate and sometimes they are not. However, if you purchase something at Lock Stock & Barrel, you can be assured that it has been inspected and rigourously tested by our professional locksmiths. Every product we sell has been carefully evaluated to be sure that it provides maximum quality at minimum price.

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