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Since our incorporation in 1978, Lock Stock & Barrel has provided quality locksmithing services to the Greater Portland area. While we continue to offer the traditional locksmithing services that have made us a leader in the physical security market for over twenty-five years, we have continued to pursue the latest technology and adapt to meet the needs of our customers.

Some of the unique services offered at Lock Stock & Barrel include:

  • A multi-van, multi-person service fleet staffed by professional locksmiths
  • A fully equipped retail storefront staffed by professional locksmiths
  • A safe sales and service department staffed by professional locksmiths
  • Integrated security solutions which utilize both mechanical and electrical components and provide genuine access control designed by professional locksmiths

Unlike most big box retailers and door installation companies, we service what we sell. Whether you need us ten weeks from now or ten years from now, we'll be here.

Lock Stock & Barrel, Inc. ● 369 Saint John Street ● Portland, Maine
Phone: (207) 773-2904 ● Toll Free: (888) 650-6929 ● Fax: (207) 874-9044
Email: admin@lockstock.net